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350 Via Las Brisas, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Open Hours:

Monday-Friday 8am-9pm Saturday 8am-8pm Sunday 8am-7pm

Enter onto the village-like grounds of The Village, among handcrafted sculptures and murals, old world charm, and unparalleled architectural details, and you are overcome by a sense of familiarity. Is it reminiscent of places that you have heard of, or just the sense that you have always wanted to experience the warmth, friendliness, and wonder of a place like this?

More than just a town center, The Village is the barista who greets you with a warm smile and inquires, “The usual?” It is the sound of laughter — kids’ laughter, to be precise — emanating from the outdoor playground. It is the joy and satisfaction of knowing that everything you have imagined a community marketplace to be … finally is. And it’s just outside your door.

The Village is destined to become one of the jewels of the Conejo Valley as the new owners of this beautifully designed and well planed town center attract the best possible tenant mix for the residents of Dos Vientos, the city of Thousand Oaks and the surrounding area.

The Village also offers an array of services and added-value amenities for the comfort and convenience of its guests; the open-air amphitheatre that will play host to outdoor concerts and other special events, the adjacent children’s playground, the drop-down movie screen and audio system, and free Wi-Fi.

Welcome to The Village, it’s paradise found.